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Future Day – Girls' Day 2023, MCD joins in!

April 2023

As part of the nationwide "Girls' Day" campaign, MCD opened its doors and gave the schoolgirls Emma und Lara-Marie an insight into our everyday working life. They learned about the analytical, conceptual and design approach of a product development in an exemplary way on an independent project.

The two students indepen­dently worked out a thematic focus from the subject area »school« and developed two product concepts after detailed analysis.

The result is two great concepts: a storage addition to create more space on school desks and a locker inlay for more order in the closet.

Emma explains the functions of a pen holder on the TV.
Emma and Lara-Marie explain their findings from the research and analysis to Enya.
Emma and Lara-Marie develop their product concepts.
The findings from the research and analysis summarized on an A3 sheet of paper.
Emma and Lara-Marie discuss their product sketches with Enya.
A close-up of Lara-Marie's product sketches.
Lara-Marie and Emma building models out of corrugated cardboard.
Emma, Lara-Marie and Enya present the results of today.

About the Future Day for Girls

Girls' Day is a nationwide project for career and study orientation for girls. On this annual day of action, schoolgirls learn about professions or fields of study in which the proportion of women is less than 40 percent. Companies, businesses and universities throughout Germany open their doors to girls on Girls' Day to introduce them to apprenticeships and courses of study in IT, crafts, science and technology. Or they can meet female role models in leadership positions in business and politics.

Girls' Day is worthwhile - for everyone!

Girls'Day is the largest career orientation project for schoolgirls worldwide. Since the start of Girls'Day in 2001, companies and institutions have offered a total of more than 172,000 events with places for around 2,2 million girls. This year, there were nearly 124,600 places for girls in over 13,600 Girls' Day opportunities. We are pleased about the interest in the professional field of product design and are enthusiastic about the creativity and commitment of our students Emma and Lara-Marie this year!