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Award at the Red Dot Award 2018!, Wohninvest image brochure as winner in the category Communication Design

Wohninvest Holding GmbH

The annual image brochure of the German company Wohninvest shows a creative realisation of the content combined with technical production quality. In order to communicate the attitude of Wohninvest, quotes from well-known personalities are used as headlines which refer to the company’s core information placed in the ticker. The well thought out structure of the brochure also offers the opportunity to take out individual pages and unfold them into a large-format poster.

This picture shows the Wohninvest image brochure unfolded and as a unfolded poster with the logo of the Red Dot Award.

Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Under the motto „In search of good design and creativity”, the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design finds the best designed brands and creative projects from designers, agencies and companies from around the globe every year in the areas of “Brands” and “Communication Design”.