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Wohninvest - Corporate Design
Wohninvest Holding GmbH, Fellbach

For the company Wohninvest the complete appearance was developed and transferred to all subsidiaries of the Wohninvest Group.
The "information stage" consists of three factors: the central information level with a striking typography, the second level of information with the "ticker" and the background, which adapts thematically to the respective information.

This image shows the image brochure of Wohninvest Holding GmbH. It is shown as an animated GIF and you can view next to the individual pages one foldout poster as well.
This animated gif shows the redesigned homepage in the mobile and the desktop view of the Wohninvest Holding GmbH.
This picture shows the redesigned stationery of Wohninvest Holding GmbH.
This picture shows the newly designed business card of Wohninvest Holding GmbH.
This picture shows the presentation template of Wohninvest Holding GmbH. You can view it as an animated GIF as well as individual pages in a sequence.